Adding tables

If you want to add tabulated information use the table creation and editing tools on the right-hand side of the toolbar.

Create a table by defining the dimensions in rows and columns, then click on OK
 You can now enter data directly into the table - it will expand to fit the text as you type.

Embedding a video

Click on the Embed a video button and paste the YouTube or Vimeo URL. It's that simple. The result should appear immediately on the page, as here:

Saving, properties and publishing

Once you're ready to share your creation with the world you'll need to do a couple more things. Start by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the Edit Article window. This will close the window and return you to the article's management page.

The article manager is where you edit basic properties, add a summary and tags and link the content to specific products, if you wish. It's also where you publish, unpublish and delete the article.

In the article manager you'll need to add a summary (a couple of lines of text describing the content). You can also add tags and / or associate your article with products in our database (which will allow us to automatically link to it from product pages and forums in the future). 

The summary is entered by clicking on the 'Write Summary' link. You can also edit the title and switch categories from here.
Creating and adding tags will make it easier for other users to discover your articles, but is entirely optional.
Click on the product link to pick one or more products from our database to associate with the content.

Once you're ready to publish click on the Publish button at the top of the page. You can always edit the article or even 'unpublish' later. In the first version of this tool your articles will appear on your profile page (you'll find handy buttons for sharing them via Facebook or Twitter), and you are welcome to post links to your articles in the relevant forum. User generated articles also appear at the bottom of the Articles index page, and we're working on tools to allow users to search, browse and discover each other's content more easily. This is where tagging and product association will help widen your audience.

Your article remains visible only to you (Draft mode) until you click 'Publish'. You can always unpublish (return to draft state) at a later stage
Click on 'Manage your articles' to edit all draft and published articles, and to create new ones
Your published articles appear on your profile and in the 'Community Articles' section of the main articles index page.

We will add user content searching/browsing and the ability to submit articles for inclusion in the official editorial section very soon.