Creating your own content on is quick and easy with our new Article Editor. Whether you're writing a quick blog post, a product review, passing on a tip for getting the best from your camera or simply sharing the story behind your favorite shot, this guide should help you get started.

Creating a new article

Articles are created from the Articles tab of your profile.  You can also click on 'Manage your Articles' link on the main Articles index page.

You can access and create your articles by clicking the 'Manage your articles' link at the top of the articles index page Click on 'Begin writing a new article' in the Articles tab on your profile

When you click on the Begin writing a new article link you'll be prompted to enter a title and select a category from the drop-down menu

Give your new article a title Pick a category from the list - this will be used to help users find your content.

The Article Editor

You should now see the article editor open with an empty (blank) page. The article editor allows you to add and format text, add images, and insert videos and tables to create content in the style. Although the software is still very much in beta, we've been testing it for several months and are pretty confident that it is stable and reliable enough to open up to public testing. We will be fine-tuning the editor, adding features and cleaning up some of the interface over the next few weeks, and there are a few minor issues (common to all browser-based editors) that we're aware of, but hopefully there is enough here for you to get your teeth into.

The toolbar at the top of the article editor offers basic formatting, image insertion and layout and link, video and page creation tools.


Hover over any tool in the toolbar to find out what it is. The tools offered in version 1 are:

Page tools

  • Edit page title
  • Add a page
  • Delete a page

Text formatting

  • Format (paragraph, header styles)
  • Bold, italic (standard keyboard shortcuts work here)
  • Insert a horizontal rule
  • Lists (bulleted or numbered)
  • Increase or decrease indent
  • Add or remove a link to highlighted text

Edit tools

  • Remove formatting
  • Find, Find and Replace
  • Undo and Redo 

Other tools

  • Insert, edit and layout images
  • Embed YouTube or Vimeo video (by pasting a link)
  • Create and edit a table
You can now start to create an article by typing and formatting your text. Remember, you're working in a text editor running in a browser window, so to be safe we'd suggest regularly clicking Save and Continue at the bottom of the Edit Article window. If you click Save the editor window will close. We regularly auto save your work so you should never lose anything (if you try to close a window without saving you'll see a prompt, and the system will offer to restore unsaved work next time you open the editor after closing without saving).
Using the text formatting tools should be intuitive if you've ever used a word processor The editor offers full WYSIWYG formatting

Adding images

The Article editor offers a variety of options for laying out your images individually or in groups, with or without captions, and with or without click-through links to larger 'originals'. You can upload images directly from your computer or by selecting them from your galleries. AWe do not currently allow the embedding of externally hosted images.
To add your first image click on the 'Add / Edit / Layout images' button. You will see a dialog appear with several options.
We currently offer three image layouts. Captions are optional, and you can also have all images cropped to 4:3 aspect ratio, which helps keep multi-image tables neat. Start by clicking on the 'Add Image' button.
This brings up the image manager for this article. Initially this is empty. At the bottom you'll see options to upload your own image(s) or add images from your gallery.
If you choose to upload image(s) directly you'll see this dialog - click on 'Choose File'.
You can now select one or more images from your computer.
Click the upload button and wait (or if you selected a lot of large pictures, go make a cup of coffee). We'd suggest resizing images to a manageable size before uploading, but don't feel you have to.
The images you added now appear in your image manager. Double click on a thumbnail to insert it.
You can now add a caption, change the image layout type and choose whether you want to crop the image to 4:3. To add more images simply repeat the process, clicking 'Add Image' in the next available slot in the image table.
Adding images from your gallery is even simpler - just double click any thumbnail to add a single image (shift-click to add multiple images)
Once you've added the image(s) you'll see a table with one or more images appear in the Edit Article window. You can edit the captions directly. If you'd like to change the layout of the images, remove an image (or the entire table), change an image or add more, simply double click on any image to re-open the image editor.