Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Nokia's Devices and Services division, and in March both companies confirmed the $7.2 billion deal would be closed by the end of April. Now Windows Mobile Power User got hold of a leaked letter which Nokia supposedly had sent out to its suppliers in Finland. In the letter it says that the name of Nokia Oyj will change to Microsoft Mobile Oy.  In Finnish, Oyj is an abbreviation for a publicly traded company and Oy is the equivalent of a limited company. 

"Please note that upon the close of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia, the name of Nokia Corporation/Nokia Oyj will change to Microsoft Mobile Oy. Microsoft Mobile Oy is the legal entity name that should be used for VAT IDs and for the issuance of invoices."

The letter goes on to say that there won't be any changes to the current terms and conditions between Nokia’s Devices and Services business and its suppliers, and that business will continue as usual.

Nokia's star began to wane with the introduction of the iPhone and other touchscreen smartphones but the brand is still a powerful one, especially in developing regions where feature phones still top smartphones in the sales charts. With that in mind it'll be interesting to observe if Microsoft is only renaming the business or will kill the Nokia brand entirely. The latter could potentially be a risky move but at the very least sadden those consumers who, like myself, have fond memories of their Nokia 3310 or 5510.

Source: WMPU | Via: IBtimes