Just updated! We've just posted an update to our Canon EOS-1D D-SLR preview article. This update was produced with a newer EOS-1D running Firmware 1.0.1 (very nearly production). The update includes some new shots of the camera, accessories and box (!) as well as image quality samples, resolution, ISO noise and a samples gallery with 25 shots. This camera is still classified as pre-production and so I've decided not to write the full review yet. As soon as we receive a full production EOS-1D I'll start work on the full in-depth review. For now, dive in to the image samples...

Click here for our updated Canon EOS-1D Preview Article
- now with Image Quality samples and a 24 image Gallery!

Imaging-Resource have posted their review of the EOS-1D:

Click here for Imaging-Resource's review of a pre-production EOS-1D