GoPro has released details about upcoming firmware updates for its Hero4 action cameras; the new firmware versions will be delivered next month, enabling new photo and video modes for consumers.

Owners of both the Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Black will receive a new feature allowing automatic conversions of photographic time lapses into seamless videos. In addition, both units will get a new burst mode allowing the cameras to capture 30 pictures in six seconds. Lastly, both will be receiving an auto-rotate function when recording videos – no more upside-down captures of your favorite action sports.

If you’re an owner of the Hero4 Black edition, you will also receive a number of updates not available to Hero4 Silver users; new features include a 720p video recording mode at 240fps for slow motion fun, a 2.7K video recording mode at 60fps, and the ability to tag or 'highlight' portions of your captured videos.

GoPro hasn't given an exact date for the firmware release, but directs Hero4 owners to watch its news page for updates.