Pentax US has said it has not ruled out introducing a mirrorless interchangable lens camera. Chris Pound, Product Manager, Digital Imaging Systems said: 'if a product makes sense, and is feasible economically, we'll come out with it'.

Speaking about the current crop of mirrorless ILCs, Pound told us 'I personally would be very interested in such a product'. Pound stressed that Pentax is 'very much in tune with what is happening in the marketplace' and speaking about the current gap between Pentax's compact digital cameras and its entry-level DSLRs, he commented 'I would personally love to see a Pentax product [in that position]'.

'It's nice to see us coming back with a good high-end DSLR'

Speaking about the K-5, Pentax's current flagship DSLR, Pound told us that reaction from consumers has been 'very positive'. When questioned about the price of the camera at introduction, Pound admitted that he had some initial concerns about pricing the K-5 higher than previous K-series DSLRs: 'we were a little worried about how customers would respond, but after seeing the performance of the camera we were less concerned, and we've found that customers are responding very well to the quality of the product'

Although he refused to be drawn on future plans, Pound did tell us that Pentax is committed to having at least one midrange, and one high-end DSLR in the market at any given time.

When asked about how much input Pentax had into the design of the (Sony-built) sensor in the K-5, Pound explained: 'we had less input than we did in the previous generation, where we worked with Samsung.' He went on: 'Sony controlled the development [of the new sensor] but they have a very good history of that kind of design and it has proven very successful in the K-5. It's nice to see us coming back with a good high-end camera.'