Canon's new 11-24mm F4 is attracting a lot of attention at this year's CP+ show in Yokohama, but away from the crows of keen enthusiasts waiting to get their hands on samples, we found a very much non-working example, cut in half showing its internal construction.

The first thing that is striking about the internal construction of the 11-24mm is just how dense it is. There's hardly a spare millimeter of air anywhere inside this complex multi-element zoom.

The front element of the 11-24mm is massive, at 87mm in diameter - Canon tells us that this is the largest element ever made for a lens of this type. 

This lens is heavy at 1180 grams, and it's easy to see why. Construction comprises 16 elements in 11 groups with a total of four aspherical elements for distortion control. The enormous fluorine-coated 87mm front element is the largest ever made for a lens of this type, and strikingly larger than any other element in the construction.