Sony Japan has published more detail about the OLED viewfinder used in the NEX-7, SLT-A77, SLT-A65 and the optional EVF for the NEX-5N. The display is manufactured by Sony and is based on white OLEDs that sit behind colored filters, rather than the red, green and blue colored OLEDs used in many other displays. This could explain the apparent higher color accuracy of the Sony display (since it's easier to adjust the behavior of a color filter than change the emission color of an OLED).

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Press Release (Translated from Japanese by Google Translate):

Achieved a 2.4 million effective pixels
Type 0.5 (12.7mm diagonal) EL ultra-compact high-resolution color OLED Display

0.5-type organic EL display

For ultra-compact high-resolution color organic EL display

This product type 0.5 (12.7mm diagonal) 2.4 million effective pixels (XGA) is ultra-compact high-resolution color organic EL display. Driving the semiconductor silicon technology and organic EL display, Sony's unique technologies, high contrast, wide color gamut and fast response and performance. This product is mounted on the camera's electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens type digital SLR*1 Sony announced on August 24, 2011. As consumer electronic viewfinder will be the industry's highest resolution and*2, as the organic EL display has been achieved industry's smallest pixel size*3.

Development and background

Markets digital SLR cameras in recent years, and mirror-less type to enjoy pictures and movies of high quality easily with a small, performed at the same time imaging focus and product in the new method and mirror type semipermeable enjoy the movie and continuous shooting speed has been rapidly increasing.

These new methods, the optical viewfinder is mounted on a conventional SLR camera (OVF) electronic viewfinder instead of the reflectors and the (EVF) is adopted, reflecting directly the object image captured by the CMOS image sensor. The EVF so, it reflects a realistic image in nature comparable to OVF, bokeh natural characteristic Cameras addition, the seminiferous tubules, expressed in depth is required characteristics superior video you can also shoot video or moving subjects The. In addition, its small size is also required in the viewfinder of a camera can be mounted in a limited space.
Sony this time, for the camera viewfinder, has developed a new ultra-compact high-resolution organic EL displays these demands.

Features Ultra-compact high-resolution color organic EL display ● Newly developed

Ultra-compact high-resolution

The realization of 3.3um x 9.9um pixel size of the industry's smallest and *3 achieved a 2.4 million pixel high-definition 0.5 effective ultra-compact type. This time, we adopted the color separation overlay color filter on the white organic EL layer to achieve the ultra-compact high-definition.

Fast response and high contrast wide gamut

High contrast is a characteristic inherent organic EL displays, wide color gamut, fast response by the performance, video and attentive, more natural color reproduction, tone characteristics, and provides excellent video characteristics.

In general, the smaller the pixel size, harder to reproduce the correct color information between pixels become smaller. This challenge, overcome by driving the semiconductor silicon technology and proprietary organic EL display technology, has made it possible to tap the inherent properties of organic EL display, yet ultra-compact high-definition.

Built-in driver

D / A converters needed to drive, drive built into the silicon substrate such as a timing controller functions, and helping to reduce board space in digital camera with the product itself.

Sectional configuration of color organic EL display comparison

*1: "α77" "α65" "NEX-7"
*2: *3 points for consumer electronic viewfinder as August 24, 2011 Date: Date points as the organic EL display of August 24, 2011