Over the last few weeks it's been clear that there is a problem with some of the initial shipment of DSC-F707's. This problem is related to the performance of white balance when used in with the flash. Named "Blue Flash Syndrome" (BFS) by the members of our Sony Talk forum, who started recording serial numbers of cameras which exhibited the problem. From this it became clear that this issue does not affect all cameras. We now have the official word from a Sony US spokesperson on what to do if your F707 is suffering from this problem.

First of all I'd like to make it clear (to F707 owners and STF members) that as soon as I heard of this problem I immediately contacted Sony and have been in contact with them trying to get answers for you. I'm unhappy that I didn't "catch" this problem in my review but as it turns out this is probably just related to the fact that this problem doesn't affect all cameras.

I'd also like to make it as clear as I possibly can that Sony is NOT recalling the F707. They are providing a free service for owners of DSC-F707's who are experiencing the BFS problem (strongly blue cast when using the flash). Many of the cameras in the affected batch have already been updated.

(Below is my own interpretation of what Sony told me in a telephone conversation)

Here's what you need to know:

  • Sony have set up a procedure to deal with affected F707's, this "parameter adjustment" can only be carried out by Sony (not your retailer), the camera will not be opened or will any parts be replaced, but there will be a programmed "parameter adjustment" which can only be carried out using special equipment.
  • The only cameras affected fall between serial numbers 1320001 - 1335130 and 1336621 - 1339030. A few points about this information:
    • A large portion of cameras which have serial numbers in this range have already been upgraded.
    • The above serial numbers are not sequential, thus the first batch does not relate to 15000 cameras.
    • Even if your serial number is in this range you should only have your camera updated if you are experiencing the BFS problem.
    • (As far as I know) these serial numbers only cover cameras in North America.
  • Sony will cover all costs involved in the adjustment process, free pickup / delivery and a rapid turnaround, just call the number below.
  • This adjustment has already been made to all cameras in mass production. Cameras in the abovementioned range which have already been updated will bear an identifying sticker on the carton and serial number tag. This will be a BLUE DOT added to the serial number label on the carton and on the inside of the battery door.
  • Sony's limited warranty is not affected by this upgrade.
  • If you are experiencing the BFS problem with your (US) DSC-F707 and you would like the parameter adjustment call:

Sony's toll free Service and Technical Assistance Number: 888-449-SONY (7669)
[only available to US customers]