Voigtländer has introduced three new lenses that will be released in Spring 2016: the 10mm F5.6 Hyper-Wide-Heliar, 12mm F5.6 Ultra-Wide-Heliar, and 15mm F4.5 Super-Wide-Heliar. All three lenses will feature a Sony E-mount for use with full-frame Sony cameras without an adapter.

Both the 12mm and 15mm (pictured above) versions are presently available with Voigtländer’s VM-mount; the 10mm lens is an entirely new product, however. Lens data, including aperture and focal length/distance, is transmitted to the camera and displayed on the LCD and viewfinder. In addition, Voigtländer states that the full frame selective aperture control system is available for the first time with these lenses.

Pricing information has not been released at this time.