Photo sharing site 500px has announced that it is now supporting images uploaded in Lytro's unique 'Living Pictures' format, and is offering its customers a $250 discount on the purchase of Lytro's Illum camera (MSRP $1599). The Illum is available now for pre-order and is expected to start shipping within the next couple of weeks. The discount, which is exclusive to 500px customers is available on pre-orders placed before July 31 and brings the cost of the Illum camera body down to $1349. 

500px has created a special page for Lytro, which is intended to become a showcase for images from the Illum, and fully supports the unique interactive features of Lytro's 'Living Pictures'. There are only eight images there right now, but this number should grow once the camera starts getting into the hands of consumers. 

Compared to the original Lytro light field camera, the biggest change in the Illum is the use of a much larger sensor: now a 1" type, rather than 1/3" type usually found in smartphones. Despite this more than sevenfold increase in sensor size, the Illum still offers a constant F2 lens, now with a more practical 30-250mm equivalent range. And, where this would give more control over depth-of-field on a conventional camera, here it should increase the ability to distinguish between focus depths on a light field camera. The Illum has 40 megarays of angular resolution, providing output of about 5 megapixels of spatial (or two-dimensional) resolution. 

Program, ISO priority, shutter priority, and full manual shooting modes are supported. The interface has also been revamped to run on Android, and includes shooting tools like a new depth overlay to help photographers visualize the three dimensionality of a scene while they frame the shot. It also has a 4-inch articulating touchscreen LCD with 800x480 pixel resolution, and a handful of physical controls.