I've finally found time to sort through the 1,000+ images I took with the Nikon Coolpix 950 whilst on a recent trip home (UK) to bring two new galleries. The first, English Garden (25 images) contains mostly images of flowers, plants and nice insect macros. The second just called "England '99" is a larger (40 images) gallery which covers everything from landscape to buildings, friends and family to animals.

I must admit using the 950 was a pleasure and every image a keeper and rewarding, they're all nicely categorised and stored away on CD-R now, I'm also enjoying printing off the better shots on my Epson 750.

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English Garden England '99

All images have been reduced by 50% in Photoshop, some required a little level correction (less than I'd expected), some of the flower shots were sharpened with an Unsharpen Mask (around 70%).

Note: originals for these galleries aren't available online, if you're interested in a particular picture for evaluation then please drop me an email: Phil Askey