The forthcoming Ricoh GR II is set to also be available in a special limited edition 'Premium' kit that has been announced by the company to mark the 10th birthday of the first digital version of the famous GR film bodies. The kit will come in an aluminum case and will include the GV-1 external viewfinder as well as the GW-3 wide angle converter that uses a 0.75x magnification to turn the camera's 28mm equiv. lens into what seems like a 21mm super wide. The converter comes with a lens hood and thread for 43mm filters.

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Quite literally the highlight of the kit is a bright orange GC-6 leather jacket for the camera that is accompanied by an equally orange leather neck strap. Three colored metal rings are supplied that screw onto the end of the lens barrel for further customization. In addition, each of the 1200 kits will include a commemorative pin badge to mark the occasion.

The kit will cost £999.99, somewhat less than the normal retail price of the combined components.
Although Ricoh had been making digital cameras from early on, the GR Digital was the first to properly resemble the company's well-loved and widely respected GR film compact camera that had been on the go since 1996. Launched in September 2005, the Ricoh GR Digital had an 8MP 1/1.8" CCD sensor and a 28mm F2.4 lens, and it cost £399.99. While the lens was very good and the body extremely well made, image noise and, specifically, noise reduction, prevented the pictures from being as good as they could have been. Fortunately, the modern version, with its 16MP APS-C sensor is much, much better.

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