Something I'd have never attempted with a digital camera if I'd not experienced the huge decrease in dark noise from my experiments yesterday.

Tonight I took a few (no style) shots after letting the camera cool down to the outside temperature (about 10oC), using a Nikon Coolpix 990 in BULB mode, EagleEye Wing, Shutter release arm & cable. Incandescent White Balance.


ISO100, F3.5, 30 seconds ISO400, F5.5, 15 seconds


ISO100, F3.5, 30 seconds, clouds ISO100, F3.5, 15 seconds roof-top

Yes ok, they're not terribly exciting scenes, but they are interesting results. There are a few stuck pixels but for this length of exposure it's INCREDIBLY GOOD considering this is a simple consumer camera... Obviously ISO100 is the sensitivity to use, anything higher generates too much noise.

Again, please read my previous article on the effect of temperature on CCD's and the WARNINGS that go along with this kind of experimentation.


Whenever you take the camera between environments of significantly different temperature you MUST let the camera cool down or warm up slowly, and you must NEVER turn the camera on until it has properly acclimatized (about 15 minutes) as you may well damage internal electronics or get condensation into the lens system.

For example, the Operating Environment stated for the Nikon Coolpix 990 is:

  • Temperature: 0 � 40oC (32 � 104oF)
  • Humidity: under 85% (no condensation)

Digital Photography Review accepts no responsibility to damage caused to anyone's camera equipment by this technique. Never use a refrigerator to cool your camera!