Fujifilm has announced a range of budget compacts. Six cameras mark the introduction of the new JZ, JX and JV series. The JZs are compact superzooms while the JX and JVs are ultra-compacts. The more expensive models offer lenses starting at 28mm equivalent while the JVs join the simpler AA-battery-powered AV and AX models making do with no real wide-angle capability. All the modes have at least 12MP and can shoot 720p HD movies.

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Press Release:

Fujifilm launch a NEW ‘JZ’ long-zoom category
of compact camera

The new FinePix JZ series of long-zoom compact cameras encompasses style, substance and affordability in a winning formula.

February 2, 2010: With a core specification of a generous 10x optical zoom, 28mm wide-angle lens, advanced CCD-shift image stabilisation system, HD image and movie capture, and 12 or 14 Megapixel resolution dependent on the model, the JZ300 and JZ500 offer an impressive feature set which will suit a wide range of consumers.

Slim and stylish
From a design perspective, these cameras really do ‘wow’. Available in Silver and Black with   elegant round edges, a smooth matte finish and only 23mm thin these cameras are ideal for consumers looking for a pocketable, elegant camera, with a longer zoom.

Fujinon optics
The JZ series are slim enough to slip into your pocket so can be taken everywhere, yet accommodate a large 10x optical zoom lens providing you with the ability to zoom right in on the action every time. When you pair this with Fujifilm’s advanced CCD-shift image stabilisation, you are guaranteed focused, blur-free images even at the full zoom range.

In addition the versatile 28mm wide-angle lens is perfect for wide landscapes or large group shots as it ensures you capture everything in stunning detail.
Advanced HD capabilities
Both J cameras offer stunning High Definition playback for both stills and movies. Many consumers are happy to enjoy HD movies on their PC, but with the new HD Player (optional extra), which comes equipped with a remote control, families can gather around their home TV to enjoy amazingly detailed stills and high resolution movie playback*.

NEW Tracking Auto Focus  
Tracking AF is a useful feature that tracks a moving subject automatically while the shutter is half-pressed. Then, when you are ready to take the photo you press the shutter button fully and are guaranteed that your subject is in the centre of the frame in perfect focus. This is particularly useful when trying to capture an action shot where your subject is moving constantly and you would normally find it very hard not to miss your shot.

Let the camera do the hard work for you
Fujifilm’s Scene Recognition Auto (SR Auto) technology makes it very easy to take a good picture. The camera is able to intelligently detect what your subject matter is (choosing from Portrait, Backlit Portrait, Night Portrait, Landscape, Macro and Night scene), and optimises the camera settings dependent on the shooting conditions, guaranteeing you the best shot you can achieve.

Manage your photos
Fujifilm has included a new file management Picture Search tool which allows you to find specific photos quickly and easily. It allows you to search by Scene mode to view all photos with people in, or all photos of landscapes etc. No more time will be wasted flicking through all your pictures to find the one that you want.

Portrait Enhancer
Ensuring silky smooth skin tones & banishing blemishes is easy with Fujifilm's Portrait enhancer mode. Using Fujifilm's proprietary “Double Noise Reduction” image processing and Face Detection technology, it captures and retouches your portraits without any intervention needed.

NEW Face Recognition technology (only on the JZ500)
Face Recognition technology gives you the ability to pre-programme eight people into the camera. To do this you need to take a photo of the person you want to programme in and then tell the camera who it is. The next time you take a photo with them in the camera will recognise them and optimise the settings to ensure that exposure and focus are best suited to her rather than the other people in the frame. This fun technology can recognise up to five pre-programmed people on screen at the same time. You can also input the group the person belongs to (e.g. family) and when their birthday is, then find pictures in those categories (i.e. group/person/birthday) using the Picture Search facility.

NEW Pet Detection technology (only on the JZ500)
Cats and dogs are a commonly photographed subject and with this in mind Fujifilm has developed a new Pet Detection function to ensure perfect pictures of your cat or dog. Much like Face Detection technology, Pet Detection can recognise cats’ and dogs’ faces and optimises focus and exposure. Plus, there’s an Auto Shutter Release function that automatically takes a photo when your four-legged friend looks at the camera, so you don’t miss that precious shot.

Key Features:

  • 12MP (JZ300), 14MP (JZ500)
  • Fujinon 10x optical zoom
  • 28mm wide-angle
  • 720p HD image & video capture
  • Up to ISO3200
  • Scene Recognition Auto (SR Auto)
  • Super Intelligent Flash
  • Portrait enhancer
  • Face Detection
  • Picture search tool
  • Tracking Auto Focus
  • Natural light & with flash
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Additional features in JZ500 only:

  • 14MP resolution
  • NEW Face Recognition
  • NEW Pet Detection

*To connect to an HD-ready TV, you will need an optional accessory HD Player (HDP-L1)

Press Release:

Fujifilm Launches its New Range of Sleek Family Camera

FinePix JV and JX cameras: with Style You Just Won’t Believe

February 2, 2010: Fujifilm is thrilled to announce the introduction of the FinePix JV100/150 and JX200, three new models that will offer consumers cutting edge style and advanced technology, plus the ability to shoot and enjoy images in High Definition. All of this is contained in a slender 18.9mm*2 metal body at an affordable price.

New Look
One of more obvious advances in the new JX and JV cameras is the aesthetics; the shell has been upgraded to a high-quality metal body and its soft, curved edges give it a sophisticated look. Available in Black or Silver as standard or blue, red and pink as exclusives, the elegant and stylish FinePix JV & JX cameras will produce high quality images yet are very easy to use.

Razor sharp Fujinon Zoom lens
The new range is divided in to two categories:
The JX200 features a high-quality Fujinon 5x optical zoom with 28mm wide-angle lens, plus there’s Digital Image Stabilisation to ensure image blurring is kept to a minimum, while JV models (JV100/150) have 3x Fujinon optics (37-111mm equivalent).

High Specification
Within the JV and JX range there are two resolutions available; the FinePix JV150 boasts high resolution 14 megapixel sensors, whereas the FinePix JV100 and JX200 feature a 12 megapixel sensor.

Whichever combination chosen, by matching a high resolution sensor and top quality Fujinon optics, Fujifilm have ensured that the cameras will deliver sharp and clear images, perfect to enlarge on screen or in print without compromising the image quality.

In addition, with high sensitivity settings (to ISO 1600 at full resolution and ISO 3200 at 3MP), you will be guaranteed crisp, detailed, low noise images even when shooting in challenging low-light conditions.

High Definition
With HD image and video capture the new JX and JV cameras will produce stunning, detailed images that can be enjoyed in glorious High Definition on any HD ready television* or PC.

Let the camera do the hard work for you
Scene Recognition Auto (SR AUTO) intelligently detects the scene type you are shooting and optimises the camera’s focus, exposure and white balance, so whether you’re photographing flowers or a holiday landscape, you will get flawless photos at the press of a button.

NEW Portrait Functions
Photos are all too often spoilt by people blinking or grimacing. Smile & shoot Mode works with Fujifilm’s highly-acclaimed Face Detection technology to detect smiles on faces: it will not take a picture until it detects a smile, so you’re guaranteed happy shots every time.

Another new feature is Blink Detection warns you if you have captured an image with people blinking, so you can re-shoot if necessary.

NEW Targeting AF
Previously featured on the S1500 camera, the JV and JX series feature Targeting AF which is perfect for when you need to take a picture of a moving subject and can’t keep your subject in the frame. Just switch Targeting AF on and it will track your subject and ensure that you achieve a crisp picture with your subject in the centre of the frame in perfect focus.

Additional features
For extra versatility try Panoramic Shooting Mode which allows you to stitch three photos together to create a stunning panoramic image.

And, for those occasions when stills just don’t do a moment justice, the JX and JV cameras feature HD Movie Mode with sound which lets you record those precious memories and relive them time and time again.

Image retrieval
Fujifilm has created a new Picture Search tool which allows you to find photos quickly and easily. You can search by whichever Scene mode the photo was taken, e.g. all portrait pictures or macro images. A time saving device which means that you will no longer have to waste time searching through all your photos to find the one you are looking for.

Core specification:

JV100 12 MP 3x  
JV150 14 MP 3x  
JX200 12 MP 5x 28mm

Key features:

  • Ultra stylish metal body – only 18.5mm thick*2
  • Fujinon optical zoom lens
  • 2.7” LCD screen
  • 720p HD image and video capture
  • NEW Targeting AF
  • Scene Recognition Auto (SR AUTO)
  • Panoramic Shooting Mode
  • Face Detection technology
  • NEW Blink Detection
  • NEW Smile & Shoot mode
  • ISO sensitivity to 1600 at full resolution and ISO 3200 with 3MP.
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery

*1To connect to an HD-ready TV, you will need an optional accessory HD Player (HDP-L1)

*2 Thinnest point. 18.9mm is JV and 18.5 for JX. CIPA Standard is 93.0mm×55.0mm×22.9mm for JX and 93.0mm x 55.0mm x 22.9mm for (JV).

Press Release:

New Range of High Quality ‘A’ Series Cameras with HD

February 2, 2010: Fujifilm is pleased to announce the introduction of two new A series compacts featuring High Definition capture. The AV100 and AX280 offer point and shoot simplicity and are perfect for people who are investing in their first digital camera.

Despite their entry-level price, there is no compromise when in comes to image quality. All models feature a precision Fujinon lens, to ensure that top optical quality is realised from the powerful sensor and advanced image processing engine.

A Choice of Features
The two new A series compacts are divided in to two categories dependent on their zoom capabilities. The 12 megapixel AV100 boasts a 3x Fujinon zoom, whilst the 14 megapixel AX280 features a versatile Fujinon 5x, 28mm wide-angle zoom lens.

Whichever camera you choose, the high resolution sensors and top quality Fujinon optics combine with the high sensitivity settings (to ISO 3200) to deliver sharp, clear images in all conditions. There’s also Digital Image Stabilisation to reduce image blur caused by hand shake or subject movement.

High Definition capabilities
Both new A series compacts will capture stunning, detailed, HD video and FULL HD Photo at 16:9. Play them back on any HD ready television* (or home PC) and prepare to be amazed as your photos come to life in their full glory.

Intuitive Technology
Scene Recognition Auto (SR AUTO) ensures that you get a good picture every time. It intelligently detects the scene type and shooting conditions, and optimises the camera’s focus, exposure and white balance to achieve perfect results. So whether you’re photographing flowers or shooting a holiday landscape, you will get flawless photos at the press of a button. Or if you prefer you can choose one of 13 programmed scene modes for extra control.

If you have ever struggled to find the photo you are looking for on your camera, then this new function will be long awaited.  Fujifilm is introducing a Picture Search feature which allows you to find all images taken in a particular scene mode (e.g. Portraits, Landscapes, or Macro shots) thereby ensuring it is much faster to navigate through the photos on your camera.

For added creative versatility, Panoramic shooting mode allows you to stitch three photos together to create a stunning panoramic image, perfect for wide landscapes, tall buildings or large groups of people.

Focus on Faces
Ideal for photographing portraits or group shots of people, the A series cameras feature Fujifilm’s Face Detection technology to ensure the settings are optimised for the people in the picture. Candid shots in low-light are made simple with the Natural Light mode, which automatically increases the ISO to enable the flash to be forced off for discreet, non-intrusive shots.

And, for those occasions when stills don’t do a moment justice, HD Movie Mode with sound lets you record those precious memories and relive them time and time again in glorious HD resolution.

Varied specification dependent on model:

  • AX280 – 14 megapixels and 5x Fujinon wide-angle zoom lens
  • AV100 – 12 megapixels and Fujinon 3x zoom lens

Core specification:

  • Easy-to-use – an ideal first time camera
  • Scene Recognition Auto (SR AUTO)
  • Face Detection technology with auto red-eye removal
  • HD 720p for both stills and movie capture (16 : 9 stills)
  • Picture Search – by Face, by Scene, by Date and by data type.
  • Panoramic Shooting mode
  • ISO sensitivity 1600 at full resolution and up to ISO 3200 with 3MP
  • AA battery operated

*To connect to an HD-ready TV, you will need an optional accessory HD Player (HDP-L1)