Rob Galbraith has today posted his delayed D2H Preview. Rob has added to the information we could provide in our D2H, it looks to me as though he had longer with the camera, has menu captures, some nice diagrams and timings as well as coverage of Nikon Capture 4.0. "Are we excited about the potential of this new digital SLR camera? You bet. Our only concern right now is that the D2H might not be able to live up to the monstrous engineering effort that clearly has gone into designing it. If the retooled AF system and all-new, Nikon-designed imager work as well as Nikon is promising, the new camera could in fact be the 500 pound frog that LoPinto describes. If not, well... With so much that's new in one camera, we recommend not counting all your D2H chickens before the camera hatches later this year."

Click here for Rob's detailed preview of the Nikon D2H

Click here for our brief preview of the Nikon D2H