ColorVision, the people who brought us the Monitor Spyder and PhotoCal / OptiCal colour profiling and calibration software has announced an all new LCD/CRT Spyder which can be used to calibrate both CRT Monitors and newer LCD Flat Panel displays. This will be good news for users who need calibrated colour from their LCD Flat Panels. We hope to bring you a full review of the new CRT/LCD Spyder as soon as it's available.

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ColorVision Launches the LCD/CRT Spyder

ColorVision announced the LCD/CRT Spyder, the newest member of the PANTONE® COLORVISION™ product line, at Seybold San Francisco. The new product will begin shipping in November and we will begin accepting orders shortly before production release.

Like the existing Spyder, the new LCD/CRT Spyder has seven sensors and long-pass filters that allow it to closely match the human eye response, resulting in highly accurate monitor calibration. To accommodate the anti-glare coatings and mutable nature of LCD monitors, the LCD/CRT Spyder adds an accessory that allows gentle and flat placement on the screen, keeping the suction cups off the surface. To maintain placement, three clear-molded parts connect to hold the Spyder centered, keep it flush to the face of the display, and adjust for every size and style of monitor including laptops. The appearance details complement Apple's high-tech displays. Want to read more? Click here.

The U.S. list price for the LCD/CRT Spyder with PhotoCAL is $288 ($64 more than the CRT-only version) and the Spyder with OptiCAL is $388 ($11 less than the CRT-only version.) Both products include Adobe® Photoshop® Elements, PANTONE Swatch Libraries for Adobe Photoshop Elements, and the PANTONE ColorVision pocket guide. In addition, we've given a major facelift to the packaging.

With the introduction of the LCD/CRT Spyder, we will discontinue production of the CRT-only model. We have a limited inventory of CRT-only Spyders in stock that we will sell on a first-come, first serve basis. For potential buyers of the CRT-only version of the Spyder with PhotoCAL in particular, we encourage you to act quickly. Have more questions? Click here for FAQ's.

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