Image by Brooklyn Theory, aka Matt Coch.

Matt Coch, who uses the name Brooklyn Theory for his photographic endeavors, displayed via his Tumblr blogInstagramEyeEm and Flickr, takes a disciplined approach to sharing his work.

Coch shoots and shares his own brand of New York City street photography every single day, posting on up to three online outlets.

“It’s part of my life,” said Coch, who began using the moniker Brooklyn Theory to describe his initial idea to take one interesting picture of Brooklyn every single day.

“That project has evolved to include all five boroughs and NYC in general,” Coch explains.  

Matt Coch's Instagram photo stream, as displayed through Statigram, features a photograph every day, taken in his native Brooklyn.

Coch has stepped up the difficulty factor by posting unique images to his blog, Instagram feed and EyeEm account.

“They have different advantages and I try to use each one to its advantage,” he said of the three platforms, adding that he only posts mobile images to Instragram and EyeEm, and saves his DSLR shots for Tumblr.

Coch as been working as a photographer in New York for the past 15 years, and uses a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II and Fujifilm X-Pro1 along with his iPhone. He uses the native camera app in his iPhone, along with Hipstamatic, MPro and Camera+. For editing, Matt explains,  "I'm always playing around with different apps but two of the ones I use most frequently are Filterstorm and Snapseed". 

“Shooting every day has allowed me to develop my eye and see things more intimately than before,” Coch said. “I think I've always seen the world from the same perspective, but always having a camera with me has allowed me to share these thoughts and scenes with other people.”

New York “offers an infinite amount of possibilities for street photography,” Coch described. From its rich history to diverse cultures and dense populations, it seems Coch is in the perfect place to support his prolific posting habit.

And why does he do what he does? “I’m passionate about photography and I’m passionate about New York City."

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