Accessories brand Fotodiox has introduced a cherry wood hand grip for the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III that it says is 'inspired' by the Hasselblad Stellar special edition cameras that were first launched in 2013. While Hasselblad allowed a choice of seven different handgrip materials for the original Stellar model, Fotodiox is offering only one – cherry wood. However, at $59.95 it makes a somewhat more affordable solution, even when you add the price of the camera, than the $1650 Hasselblad wanted for last year's Stellar II.

The original Stellar was a Sony RX100, while the Stellar II was an RX100 III. The Fotodiox Pro Wooden Camera Hand Grip is designed for the Sony RX100 III, but is also compatible with the RX100 and RX100 II models.

The wooden grip fits to the RX100 III using double sided tape and a security screw that attaches it to the camera. As the RX100 and RX100 II models have no screw hole, these models rely just on the tape. The grip attaches only to the side of the camera so users have uninhibited access to both memory card and battery compartments.

Since Hasselblad closed the factory that made its 'special editions' at the end of last year Fotodiox now offers the only option for those wanting a wooden-handled Sony RX100 camera – which is essentially what the Hasselblad Stellars were.