Features like AMPt Darkroom offer mobile photographers both education and support on the AMPt website. In this example, Adam Conner, @derblutenkat, offered tips to get photographers out of a creativity slump.

A number of communities have evolved on the mobile photography scene in the past year or two. They’ve become a home for mobile photographers seeking to push the art form to its next level and provide support for one another.

Amongst these is AMPt, or Advanced Mobile Photography team, comprised of more than 1,500 AMPt community members worldwide.

“We love to help establish up and coming mobile photographers,” said founder Frank Mathews, who hails from Raleigh, North Carolina.

AMPt offers tutorials, features on mobile photographers, photo challenges and more on its site. Each content type offers a specific agenda: the AMPt Feature 500 is a regular post dedicated to highlighting a mobile photographer with less than 500 followers, the AMPt Feature Jedi explores the work of established mobile artists, AMPt Darkroom tutorials are in-depth lessons in mobile photo capture and editing. AMPt has paired with EyeEm on its challenges, inviting participants to post entries to a specific challenge album on EyeEm.

The site recently revealed a number of community-focused improvements in a major revamp at the start of the year.

AMPt encourages mobile photographers to join its AMPt Community in order to create profiles, post blogs, start discussions, participate in forums, create groups, share images and videos and take part in real-time chats. About 1,000 members joined the first day the feature became available.

“I'm excited about all this because AMPt is one of the few places that offer mobile photographers real engagement and real feedback,” Mathews said. “We want to be the hub of mobile photography.”

Mathews said further outreach efforts are planned to engage mobile photographers on most major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Instagram and EyeEm, with a different initiative for each network. An app is also in the works.