After many, many months of design and testing we are happy to announce the official unveiling of our studio test scene. The new scene was designed to address certain drawbacks with the previous test scene, as well as providing the opportunity to show more real-world relevant information about how cameras behave. We've increased the number of cameras supported to 23 and we'll be continuing to add models (old and new) in the coming weeks.

You can read a more detailed explanation of the scene, what it offers, how we shoot it and why we needed it in an article by our Studio Manager, Kelcey Smith.

Click here to find out more about the studio scene

Here you can see the studio scene based around our reference camera - the 80MP Phase One IQ180.

The Phase One is included to showcase the scene, rather than the camera, so will remain in daylight mode, even if you switch other cameras across to low light mode.