AppleInsider has discovered another interesting Apple patent. This time the technology giant has patented a 3D-display system that projects digital images into a medium such as a non-linear crystal, using infrared lasers or similar technologies and accepts user input in the form of gestures. 

In practice, this means a hologram-type image is projected over a light source using two UFO-shaped parabolic mirrors. Users can then interact with the projection using gestures, such as touches and swipes. Those gestures are detected by lasers that send information about when and where their path is broken to a central processing unit. This data is then used to interpret the interaction.

There are currently rumors floating around the web about an Amazon smartphone that will use some kind of 3D display technology and gestures, but the Apple patent looks a few years away from implementation into any devices. Nevertheless it'll be interesting to see where and how this kind of technology will be used in the future and if it will the change the way we interact with our devices.

Source: USPTO | Via: Apple Insider