Westcott has announced the imminent arrival of the second incarnation of its Ice Light LED lighting wand. Ice Light 2 promises to be 50% brighter than the previous model and comes equipped with Bluetooth for remote control as well as an interchangeable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The light has a color temperature of 5500K, Color Rendering Index of 96 and a beam angle of 72.6 degrees.

The wand is the same size and shape as the first Ice Light, so original accessories are still compatible, but the company has redesigned the handle to include an on/off slider switch that allows 10 steps of output variation in what Westcott calls a 'flicker-free range.' When the Ice Light 2 is switched on a new memory feature sets the light to the same output power it was on when it was last used – so illumination levels can remain unchanged should the photographer turn it off during a shoot.

The new battery charges in two and a half hours and delivers 60 minutes of service, with spare batteries allowing longer shooting sessions on location than before. An external power pack can also be used to run the Ice Light 2, offering twice the shooting time, and of course it can be plugged into a domestic mains socket.

Both ends of the wand feature a fixing socket for tripod or light stand mounting, and a USB socket has been included for 'future-proofing' the light.

The Westcott Ice Light 2 will be available from the end of May priced $549.90/£549. For more information visit the Ice Light website.