PMA 2004: We are proud to present our live show report direct from the Show Floor at PMA 2004. We don't use the word Live and not mean it, wirelessly connected across the entire PMA show we are beaming images back to our server using a Nikon D2H + WT-1 wireless transmitter while each stand report follows from an ultra compact notebook. In combination this means that you get to see our stand reports coming in live and experience our tour of the PMA show from the comfort of your web browser! New stand reports appear as soon as text and images are received. Live updates are shown at the top of the front page of the site as well as the introduction page of our PMA report.

Phil: Special thanks to Nikon for their support of this project. We will be posting a 'follow up' news article after the end of the show to share our experience of shooting with the D2H and WT-1 in such an environment.

Click here for our PMA 2004 Show Report