The Famatic digital picture frame lets you share your images with those who don't have smart devices and Facebook or Instagram accounts.  

People are taking more pictures than ever before and many of them are posted on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. However, not everybody has access to those digital platforms and with only a very small proportion of photos made into prints, the less tech-savvy or connected may be missing out.

A new Kickstarter project is aiming to make digital images more accessible to those without social media accounts. Famatic is a picture frame that connects to Facebook and Instagram - or you can email pictures as well. The idea is to place Famatic on your parents' or grandparents' mantelpiece and send them images of their grandkids and family events straight to the frame. 

The picture recipients can comment on images and take the frame off its cradle to use it like a tablet, albeit with a much simpler user interface. With the current prototype, images can be shared via Facebook and Instagram but the developers are working on Picasa, Flickr and other integrations as well. Alternatively you can email an image to the frame or use the Famatic web app. The system can be configured to share all your images on Famatic or you can filter via hashtags or private albums. 

In terms of hardware the frame offers an 8-inch IPS screen with 1024 x 768 pixels and the specification of a mid-level Android tablet. The speakers and a built-in camera are not being used at this stage in the development process but have been installed to future-proof the device. 

Famatic sounds like a good idea to share images for those without social media accounts or smart devices. Just keep in mind that a Wi-Fi connection is still needed to use it. The first 100 backers can secure a Famatic for $169, after that it'll be $189. Watch the video below to decide if you want to buy one for your parents or grandparents and head over to the Famatic Kickstarter page for more info and backing options.

Source: Kickstarter