The built-in LED-flashes are still one of smartphone cameras' most glaring weaknesses and we have seen a number of accessory makers addressing the problem with different external light solutions. The latest one comes from Vision global which has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund mass production of its Flasher accessory. 

Flasher is a small external photo and video light with 21 LEDs that attaches to your phone or tablet's headphone socket and weighs only 24 grams. In contrast to the built-in flash, Flasher is always on until you manually switch it off which means there is no danger of red-eye effect. No companion app is required but you can switch between two levels of intensity. The beam angle is approximately 75 degrees and the light can simply be turned around for use with the front camera. 

The built-in 350mAh battery should be good for approximately 60-80 minutes of lighting and can be recharged via a microUSB connector. The color temperature is 5600K. The Flasher is also quite affordable. The $15 backing option secures you a device, with shipping expected in June. Head over to Kickstarter for more information and backing options.