Accessories manufacturer Manfrotto has introduced a new series of backpacks designed for photographers who fly drones. The Aviator D1 Drone Backpack is big enough to hold a medium sized quadcopter such as the DJI Phantom 3 along with all the accessories that go with it, as well as a DSLR, a laptop and a tripod. 

The bag offers a quick-carry feature that allows the drone to be transported without it being taken apart so it can be moved between locations quickly. The body fits inside the bag while the blades pop out of the front flap, which is secured to the main section of the bag with clips. With the propellers removed the whole quadcopter will fit inside the bag with nothing sticking out. 

Manfrotto says that the bag is extra-lightweight, water resistant and extremely spacious. The camera section is designed to hold a DSLR and two lenses, while the laptop compartment can accommodate a model with a 17" screen. 

The Aviator D1 Drone Backpack will retail at £159. For more information visit the Manfrotto website

Press release: 

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, announces the new D1 DRONE BACKPACK, the first all-in-one carry system in a brand-new range of products designed to carry a quadcopters like DJI Phantom 3 and its remote controls as well as a DSLR camera, laptop and tripod. It is engineered to offer maximum protection, comfort and lightness: key features of all Manfrotto Bags.


Part of the Aviator Collection, the Drone backpack is dedicated to professional and advanced photographers and videographers looking for an excellent solution to carry their flying cameras, mount them quickly and change location fast. 


This backpack safely carries a quadcopter with its remote control and all its accessories as well as a camera and a tripod. A single bag that is the perfect tool for shooting videos with drones but also for capturing backstage scenes with a tripod-mounted camera. 

Perfect for quickly changing location, the drone safely attaches onto the outside of the pack by simply opening the front zip, making it very easy to quickly get out or put away when necessary. The camera stays safely inside and the propellers fit outside the bag. The backpack also features an internal laptop and media compartment, enabling users to organise their work and share it right away.

With the new All-in-One DRONE BACKPACK BY MANFROTTO, you can rely on an efficient backstage at hand wherever you go!