Rob Galbraith has posted his latest installment of the issues and fixes around the much publicized Canon EOS-1D Mark III continuous auto-focus issues. This story has been running since around June time when Rob first posted his relatively poor experience of shooting the EOS-1D Mark III in a working sports environment. Rob identified a number of issues including jumpy auto-focus and inconsistency in AI Servo sequences especially when the camera was warm while shooting in bright light. Canon has recently spoken of a fix which replaces the the AF sub-mirror assembly in the camera, there also appears to be yet another firmware update on the horizon. However it's clear from Rob's very extensive analysis (a good portion of which appears to have been carried out in conjunction with Canon) this isn't the end of the story.

Phil: Note this isn't the reason we haven't yet reviewed the Mark III, it has simply been shifted in our review queue due to higher priority (for our readership) models.

Click here for Rob Galbraith's Canon EOS-1D Mark III 'December 10 update'