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The Sony a7R IV is the company's fourth-generation ultra-high-resolution full-frame mirrorless camera. It's built around a new 61MP back-side illuminated CMOS sensor. It's the first new sensor in an 'R' camera since 2015.

The new chip has 567 on-sensor phase detection points, which cover 99.7% of the sensor's height and 74% of its width, meaning you get depth-aware focus across a huge range of the sensor. Sony claims a figure of 15 stops of DR (downscaled to 8MP), which is a 0.3EV increase over its predecessor.

The camera uses the same front-end LSI and Bionz X processor as the a7R III. Sony says it knew there was a 61MP sensor coming from Sony Semiconductor, so was able to design these chips in anticipation of it.

The higher resolution of the chip means you still get 26MP images, even if you use an APS-C crop. Naturally, you get fewer PDAF points (325 in this case), but in exchange you get nearly 100% frame coverage.