Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X, its high-end video editing package to v10.0.3, with the ability to import projects from Final Cut Pro 7. The upgrade includes several pro-level options, such as multi-camera syncing, that were not included when the first release replaced the more expensive and complex Final Cut Pro 7. Initially its different way of handling clips made look like Apple wouldn't be able to get Pro 7 projects to work in Pro X but a $9.99 Apple app called 7toX has found an xml-mediated method of doing so.

The update will be available for free to existing Final Cut Pro X users. The related Motion and Compressor applications have also been upgraded.

Meanwhile, professional color correction tool 'Magic Bullet Looks 2' has now been made to work with Final Cut Pro X, with makers Red Giant offering a 50% discount until February 7th.