Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal has acknowledged that the company made a 'small number' of layoffs earlier this year and that there are some 'kinks' to be worked out with its unique 'light field' camera. Meanwhile, according to an article by tech blog SFGate, industry sources report that the Lytro camera 'isn't selling well so far', due to its price and lack of appeal to professional photographers. Rosenthal is, however, bullish on the future of the company, promising 'multiple [...] breakthrough products' in 2014. 

According to Brian Blau of market research firm Gartner, some of the challenges faced by the company include its high price point and that 'people think the product is interesting, but it might not meeting their needs in terms of what a camera is today'. Lytro received $50 million in venture capital and secured placement for its Light Field camera models at many top-tier retailers.

Six months ago, the company laid off a 'small number of employees' and shortly thereafter, brought in Jason Rosenthal, who replaced Lytro founder Ren Ng as CEO. Speaking to SFGate's James Temple, Rosenthal compares the original Light Field Camera to the Tesla Roadster, saying that Lytro is working on their 'Model S' (which received Consumer Reports highest rating ever). He hints that Lytro has a 'packed product roadmap for next year'.

Meanwhile, Margit Wennmachers of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (which supplied the company with that $50 million in funding), hints that one of the future Lytro products would have features that would appeal to professional photographers. 

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