Image credit: Engadget

Nokia's 808 and Lumia 1020 were the last smartphones we can think of that came with a proper Xenon flash. Since then all of the high-end models we have tested at DPReview Connect have featured low-powered LED-flashes that offer little or no control to the photographer. This development has inspired a wide range of external lighting accessories, such as the Flasher or Nova, but unfortunately most of those are LED-based as well. But now it seems there is hope for Xenon fans. Engadget reports that at the Taiwan launch of the new ZenFones Asus also put on display an external Xenon flash called Zenflash. 

The Zenflash is a dongle that connects to the smartphone via USB OTG and according to Asus is 400 times stronger than a standard LED flash. Unfortunately no further information on the new gadget was available, so we don't know at this point if it needs a companion app or works with non-Asus smartphones. Also on display was the LolliFlash, a circular LED photo and video light that is always on and looks similar to the Lenovo ring flash extension. It attaches to the phone's headphone socket but does not communicate with the device. A set of red, blue, and yellow color filters is included. We will let you know as soon as more detail on the new lighting accessories becomes available.

Via: Engadget