Bibble Labs has posted another update to its Bibble 5 Pro software just three weeks after posting the previous version. v5.0.2 fixes bugs and extends RAW support to additional cameras including Leica M9 and Ricoh GXR. It also adds a Soft Proofing option that enables users to check previews of prints for color accuracy, amongst other improvements. The latest version is currently available as a free upgrade for existing v5 customers from Bibble's support forum.

Click here for more information and to download Bibble 5 Pro v5.0.2

List of supported cameras:


  • M9
  • M8
  • X1
  • Digital MODUL-R8
  • Digital MODUL-R9


  • GXR
  • GR Digital III
  • GR Digital II
  • GX200
  • GX100


  • D60
  • D30
  • PowerShot S70
  • PowerShot S60
  • PowerShot S50
  • PowerShot S45
  • PowerShot S40
  • PowerShot G6
  • PowerShot G5
  • PowerShot G3
  • PowerShot G2
  • PowerShot Pro1
  • PowerShot XS1


  • DSLR-A500
  • DSLR-A380
  • DSLR-A230