Sony has announced the first in a series of 'PlayMemories' Camera Apps. These apps will be available to Sony owners with an account on the company's 'PlayMemories' web service and can be installed on the newly-announced Alpha NEX-5R. The Apps allow various features and capabilities to be added to the camera, including image processing and remote triggering options. The move comes as Sony expands the 'PlayMemories' service to make sharing images across its devices easier.

Press Release:

Sony Launches Exciting New Developments for PlayMemories Family of Digital Imaging Apps and Services

SAN DIEGO, August 29, 2012 – Sony is expanding its PlayMemories family of digital imaging services and applications with the introduction of PlayMemories Camera Apps, the world’s first application download service that allows for on-demand install of camera functions and features to boost the overall imaging experience.

Sony is also adding several new enhancements to increase the connectivity and compatibility of PlayMemories, allowing users to more easily share, edit and enjoy digital photos and videos across a range of products from cameras, smartphones and tablets to Sony PlayStation®3 and compatible BRAVIA TVs.

PlayMemories Camera Apps

Initially supported by the Wi-Fi enabled NEX-5R interchangeable lens camera, the PlayMemories Camera Apps service offers a variety of applications that expand camera functionality, allowing users to personalize their photographic experience and enhance their network connectivity. These include:

  • “Picture Effect+” -- expands the range of artistic treatments available in the camera’s standard Picture Effect mode.
  • “Bracket Pro” -- automatically shoots a rapid burst of two to three images at different ‘bracketed’ settings – for shutter speed, aperture or focus or flash (flash bracket includes two frames). Users can see the effect of setting changes on the three shots and choose the one that best fits their needs.
  • “Multi Frame NR” -- captures a series of images in rapid succession and stitches them together to create one low-noise photo at selected ISO speed. It’s ideal for capturing atmospheric night-time scenes, or shooting in dark conditions without using flash.
  • “Photo Retouch” -- adds a generous palette of adjustments like brightness, saturation and contrast plus Soft Skin, re-size and other post-shooting effects.  Also available is the Auto Portrait Framing feature which detects the faces in images captured and intelligently applies the recommended composition afterwards.

Sony also plans to introduce several other new apps including:

  • “Time-lapse”” -- automatically captures a series of still pictures at adjustable intervals. These images are automatically combined by the camera, and can be replayed like a video clip.
  • “Cinematic Photo” captures a series of frames and stitches them together into a fun, animated picture effect where parts of a static image appear to move while others remain static.

Additionally, directly downloadable utilities include:

  • “Smart Remote Control” -- tethers the NEX-5R camera to a compatible smartphone or tablet, allowing users to see a live view image on the screen of their connected device, adjust exposure if necessary and release the shutter of the camera. Captured pictures are also sent automatically to the connected device.
  • “Direct Upload” -- enables images to be directly uploaded from the connected camera to PlayMemories Online and Facebook™ using Wi-Fi connectivity.

New PlayMemories Camera Apps will be available beginning in October 2012.

PlayMemories Online

Sony’s compatible BRAVIA TVs are now able to view photos and video posted on PlayMemories Online directly, expanding the breadth of devices capable of using the service.

PlayMemories Mobile

This Android/iOS app simplifies video and photo transfers to smartphones or tablet devices from Wi-Fi enabled cameras such as the NEX-5R model. Additionally, while using the PlayMemories Mobile application in tandem with the “Smart Remote Control” camera app (as referenced earlier), consumers have the ability to remotely control the NEX-5R camera and new HDR-AS15 Action Cam (comes pre-installed with Smart Remote Control App) using their smartphone.

PlayMemories Studio

PlayMemories Studio makes organizing, editing and viewing videos and photos on PlayStation®3 as fun and intuitive as playing a game.

This application evolves with the brand-new ability to output images on Sony’s 4K televisions, which contain about four times more detail than full high-definition. Consumers can enjoy high resolution images taken by current digital cameras on Sony’s new BRAVIA XBR-84X900 4K LED TV.

Additional enhancements to PlayMemories Studio include easy content uploads to YouTube and PlayMemories Online.