Would you "lifelog" by wearing a recording device to document your every move?

Martin Källström and Oskar Kalmaru, makers of the Memoto wearable camera designed to capture two 5MP geotagged photos a minute, have produced a documentary about "lifelogging" made by two Swedish film students.

Amanda Alm and Ville Bloom, two students from a film school in Stockholm, spent six weeks in summer 2012 interviewing pioneers, entrepreneurs and users of lifelogging services to explore the effects of this burgeoning phenomenon. 

The trailer offers a sneak peek at the film to be released online May 28 at www.lifeloggersmovie.com. It's also an interesting look at just how quickly this technology is advancing: the trailer shows an interview with Thad Starner of Project Google Glass who seems to be wearing a prototype version of Google Glass that already looks outdated when compared to the device already adorning beta testers

Memoto is still in development, though May shipment dates have been previously promised. 

You can watch a trailer for the documentary Lifeloggers below: