Alien Skin Software has launched an update to its popular photography effects software, Exposure. Announced in April, Exposure 6 has a new processing engine for instant image effect previews, a new user interface for a faster workflow and tools for 'Bokeh' (or the quality of out-of-focus areas). 

Exposure 6 allows for the simulation of classic film stocks and development techniques. More than 450 presets (including settings for Kodachrome, Tri-X and Polaroid films) can be applied to images to recreate the look and feel of analog photography. 

The new release has been 'refined and enhanced in order to provide better esthetics and functionality without compromising user-friendliness,' says the company. This includes a new all-in-one control panel for adjusting exposure, contrast, clarity and vibrance. 

The program also offers new lighting effects including sun flare and vintage borders developed by photographer Parker J. Pfister. It's also possible to import and share borders, presets and textures. Exposure 6 works with Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture and can be run as a stand alone application on Mac or Windows. 

Exposure 6 is available for download from the Alien Skin website and costs $149. Upgrades are available or $69 and the update is free to anyone who purchased Exposure 5 directly from Alien Skin from March 2014.