Leica has today announced a completely new range of compact M series lenses; the 35 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 90 mm Summarit-M, all with a maximum aperture of F2.5. These lenses are clearly aimed at being more 'affordable' than previous M lenses and will be ideal companions to the M8 digital rangefinder. On the M8 these lenses provide equivalent fields of view (rounded) of 47 mm, 67 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm respectively. These lenses do not feature any aspherical elements.

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Press Release:

The new class of Leica precision lenses

It is the lenses on which the legend of the Leica brand was founded. Finely crafted masterpieces - compact and practical precision optics for analog and digital photography.

With the Leica Summarit-M class of lenses, Leica maintains its tradition of producing lenses that are renowned for optical and mechanical excellence. The new family consists of four lenses and covers the most popular focal lengths in the Leica M system:

  • LEICA SUMMARIT-M 35 mm f/2.5
  • LEICA SUMMARIT-M 50 mm f/2.5
  • LEICA SUMMARIT-M 75 mm f/2.5
  • LEICA SUMMARIT-M 90 mm f/2.5

The maximum aperture of f/2.5 and the concentration on the classic and proven spherical lens design leads to a new series of lenses that now brings famous Leica quality and a superb price/performance ratio.

The launch of the Leica Summarit-M family of lenses marks the return of important Leica heritage elements. All letter and number engravings are made with the traditional "Leitz-Norm" font as originally used by Leitz Wetzlar during the 1960s, and the red button on the lens mount is now true to the original color used on Leitz lenses produced since the introduction of the M mount through the 1960s.

Lens Campaign in Leica Rangefinder System

The launch of the new Leica Summarit-M lenses is the start of a campaign in which Leica is putting a greater focus on its core competencies in optics manufacture. Leica's high-performance optics, which are all made by hand at Leica's main factory in Solms near Wetzlar, Germany are the fruit of many years of experience in optics and precision mechanics, unique technologies, high-quality materials and the commitment and craftsmanship of competent staff.

"Leica users are the most demanding customers in the world of photography. To satisfy their high expectations of quality, we put a unique amount of effort into manufacturing Leica lenses. This starts with a bold idea and continues with an ambitious optical design, a selection of the best materials on the market and sophisticated production processes. Meticulous quality assurance with 100% checks is, of course, an integral part of the process. The aim of all these efforts is to create high-class photographic and phototechnical images. Corner-to-corner definition and brilliance over the entire visual field, maximum imaging performance already at full aperture and superior stray light reduction - this is what photographers like about their Leica lenses, plus a unique mechanical excellence that is immediately felt when turning the focus ring or adjusting the aperture. This gives Leica photographers decades of pleasure - and enviable photographic results," says Steven K. Lee, CEO of Leica Camera AG.

Deliveries of Leica Summarit-M lenses are scheduled to begin at the end of November 2007.