Vantage Point: The aviation photography of Jon Pece
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Vantage Point: The aviation photography of Jon Pece

Tonya Preflights the Boom. Tonya preflights the boom prior to a night training mission over Kansas. Her boom pod is illuminated by a Nikon SB-900 set to 1/4 power activated by a Yongnuo trigger. D800, 24-70mm. Photo and caption by Jon Pece

What are a few of the difficulties that you face in aviation photography in comparison to more general types of photography?

Shooting through the aircraft windows can be challenging. First, the contrast is greatly reduced and so needs to be increased in post processing. Two reasons for the reduced contrast are atmospheric haze and shooting through an inch or so of plastic!

You are also stuck with a very narrow angle of view from any given window. As much as possible, it's best to shoot with the lens perpendicular to the window, so this is further limiting. Not all the windows' optical quality is very good when shooting with my 36MP Nikon D800. I have so many megapixels that tiny imperfections in the glass are very visible in the form of blurring and reduced sharpness.