You can create your own mini-me in Japan at the 3D photobooth.

Stand very still and say cheese! An art gallery in Japan is featuring a 3D photobooth (site in Japanese). The exhibit, starting this Saturday, will scan customers' entire bodies in about 15 minutes and create a tiny, lifelike version in a variety of sizes. 

The models are not cheap. The smallest 10cm model costs ¥21,000 (about $258), the 15cm model is ¥32,000 (about $393) and the biggest 20cm model will set you back ¥42,000 (about $516).

Because of the long posing time, patrons are encouraged to choose a more reserved pose and the limitations of the 3D photobooth mean that they cannot wear certain clothing like high heels or glasses.

The exhibit will run at the Eye of Gyre art gallery in Harajuku from November 24th to January 14th.