Alongside its three PEN bodies, Olympus has announced the M. Zuiko Digital ED 12mm F2.0 and M. Zuiko Digital ED 45mm F1.8 prime lenses for Micro Four Thirds. The 12mm F2.0 is a metal-bodied 24mm equivalent featuring a unique snap-focus manual focus mode. A snap-back focus ring reveals a traditional depth-of-field scale for 'zone' focusing and offers improved focus 'feel.' Later in the year it will be accompanied by the 45mm F1.8 portrait lens, making Olympus one of the only manufacturers to offer a fast prime at a roughly 100mm equivalent focal length, ideally suited to portraiture. There is also a relatively compact, bouncable and remotely commandable flash, the FL-300R, helping the PEN range look more like a complete system. More details of the 12mm F2.0 are included in our E-P3 preview, along with a gallery of sample images.

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High-Speed, Silent and Beautifully Designed, Two New Lenses Complement Latest Generation of PEN Cameras; New Flash and Grip Expand Creative Horizons

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., June 30, 2011 – Two powerful, fast new prime lenses and two new accessories maximize the performance of the Olympus PEN® E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1 compact system cameras, also announced today, to help photographers capture their unique visions of the world. The M. Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f2.0 lens (24mm equivalent) and M. Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f1.8 lens (90mm equivalent) are Movie & Still Compatible (MSC) and feature high-speed, near-silent autofocus during still shooting and high-definition (HD) video capture. Joining them is the sleek, versatile FL-300R Compact Flash and the MCG-2 interchangeable Camera Grip available exclusively for the PEN E-P3.

The powerfully simple and growing Olympus PEN MICRO Four Thirds family now features eight fully-compatible MICRO Four Thirds lenses. The legendary Olympus Zuiko® Digital Four Thirds range of 27 high-quality lenses, OM-series and other manufacturers’ lenses can be attached to Olympus PEN cameras with optional adapters.

New High-Speed and Near-Silent MICRO Four Thirds Lenses

  • M. Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f2.0 lens: This high-speed, single-focal-length, wide-angle lens is ideal for shooting high-quality, dramatic landscapes and street scenes in low-light conditions. It has a beautiful full-metal body and a snap ring that enables photographers to pan focus with a distance indicator.
  • M. Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f1.8 lens: This single-focal-length portrait lens has a beautiful shallow depth of field which allows for background blurring effects that are not possible with the 14-42mm kit zoom lens. The MSC mechanism is great for tracking a moving child or pet, and provides a quick and silent focus mechanism for movies and still photography.

These two lenses join the new movie & still compatible (MSC) ED m14-42mm II R f3.5/5.6 zoom lens (28mm-84mm equivalent) which comes standard with the new PEN kit as well as the M. Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm II R f4.0-5.6 lens, an extremely light, wide-zoom range with a 35mm equivalent to 80-300mm lens that offers versatility and portability. Both have been designed to match the body design of the new generation of PEN cameras.

New Accessories for a Variety of Shooting Challenges

  • FL-300R Compact Flash: It functions as a bounce flash and wireless remote flash with enough power for snapshots. Photographers can use it in tandem with the camera’s built–in, pop-up flash, or as an alternative to it. It is designed in silver to match the new PEN lineup. Additionally, it has the ability to function wirelessly through a remote control function on the new E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1.
  • MCG-2 Exchangeable Camera Grip: Available exclusively for the PEN E-P3, this accessory easily and comfortably extends the camera’s grip area to fit any photographer’s hands perfectly. It is available in black and beige.

U.S. Pricing and Availability
M. Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f2.0 lens: Available Now
Estimated Street Price: $799.99

MCG-2 Exchangeable Camera Grip: Available Now
Estimated Street Price: $19.99

FL-300R Compact Flash: Available Now
Estimated Street Price: $169.99

M. Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f1.8 lens: Available in September 2011
Estimated Street Price: $399.99