Which one is right for you?
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Which one is right for you?

The Canon EOS RP and 6D Mark II share much of the same DNA when it comes to image quality, but their feature sets and implementations are still quite different. The 6D II provides the familiar comforts of a DSLR: robust battery life, a comfortable grip and plentiful lens options.

The RP brings many of the trappings of a modern mirrorless camera, including (passable) 4K video and use of Canon's very good Dual Pixel AF system with the built-in viewfinder. But as it often does, the choice may come down to the lenses. It's very early days for the RF mount, and the first lenses available for it are some real stunners, but they don't seem particularly well matched the RP's price point and target audience unless you really love shooting 35mm.

But even given the lack of native lenses, we tend to recommend the EOS RP over the 6D II for most use-cases. Experienced photographers may scoff, but for amateurs and even enthusiasts, the ability to see your exposure, white balance and get a better idea of critical focus with the RP's full-time Live View on the rear screen or EVF will help you get more keepers more often. Plus, the RP's full-time touchscreen controls are among the best in the business, and make up somewhat for the lesser amount of buttons compared to the 6D II.

Only you can choose what is best for you; the 6D II is the undisputed winner regarding its build quality, battery life and beefy grip. But for most people, we think the RP will be a better - and, dare we say, more 'fun' - photographic companion.