Sports and action
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Sports and action

Canon EOS 6D II and 70-200mm F4L @ 200mm | ISO 1250 | 1/1250 sec | F4

For sports and other fast-moving subjects, the 6D II and EOS RP trade punches back and forth. Generally speaking, mid-to-low-end EOS cameras with Dual Pixel autofocus haven't handled fast-moving distant subjects very well. The 6D II offers an advantage here with its optical viewfinder and traditional AF system, which does a better job on distant subjects if you choose your own AF point, and you may find it easier to follow your subjects with the optical viewfinder than the EVF on the RP.

On the other hand, the RP offers the better subject tracking experience with viewfinder shooting, considering that it can use Dual Pixel with the EVF. Canon's optical viewfinder tracking AF experience leaves something to be desired. On the other other hand, you get faster viewfinder burst rates with the 6D II (though you get faster Live View burst speeds on the RP). To the RP's credit, it has a bigger buffer and offers CRaw to save you some storage space if you're shooting Raw in burst mode.

One important point that you won't find any spec sheet is how comfortable the camera will be in the hand for long periods of time. In our opinion, the 6D II is way ahead of the RP in this department. The DSLR will be better balanced with heavier lenses and offers a bigger, more comfortable grip. An add-on grip can be purchased for the RP to help things somewhat, but for our money, the 6D II is the one we'd rather hold on to for hours at a time.