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See our full Canon EOS 6D Mark II sample reel

As far as headline video specifications go, the EOS RP stands ahead of the 6D II with 4K video recording (the 6D II tops out at 1080/60p). To be sure the RP's 4K is heavily cropped, but it is 4K. The mirrorless camera also comes up with a headphone jack as well as a mic jack – the 6D II only offers a mic jack. It also comes with the inherent mirrorless advantage of offering video recording while using the EVF, which can be handy in bright light or for a little extra stabilization in a pinch. The RP's 4K mode is also the only place you'll find "cinematic" 24p recording between the two cameras.

Using a stabilized lens with either camera will yield the best results, as neither offers in-body stabilization. While digital IS creates smooth footage, it also sacrifices some detail. The 6D II and EOS RP also both provide fully articulated screens with face detection autofocus, a benefit for vloggers.

The 6D II does provide the advantage of more control over autofocus while recording video, offering adjustments to Movie Servo AF speed and tracking sensitivity – both missing from the RP.