Tripod and bag manufacturer Vanguard has launched a new range of tripods that are fitted with the company’s latest pistol grip style GH-30 head. The aluminium Alta CA leg-set comes in three or four-section options to achieve maximum heights of either 1565mm (61.6in) or 1550mm (61in), though both models are designed to carry a payload of up to 11lbs (5kg). The four-section Alta CA 234 legs offer a macro height of 8 1/2in (215mm) and weigh 3.64lbs with the GH-30 attached, while the three-section 233 legs can get down to 9in (230mm) and weigh 3.55lbs (1.61kg) with the same head.

Vanguard is also offering the same leg sets fitted with magnesium alloy fluid head PH-33. The tripods fitted with the PH-33 heads are called 234AP/233AP to distinguish them from the GH-30 kits, which are named 234AGH and 233AGH.

The Alta CA models all come with a hook on the end of the centre column for hanging ballast The GH-30 pistol-style head has a multi-angle handle and ball-and-socket movement
Legs can be set to four angles for a wider spread, with click-stop positions at 20, 40, 60 and 80 degrees The Alta CA 234AP fitted with the PH-33 fluid head


  • Vanguard Alta CA 234AGH     – £169.99 / €199.00 / $219.99
  • Vanguard Alta CA 233AGH     – £159.99 / €189.00 / $169.99
  • Vanguard Alta CA 234AP     – £119.99 / €149.00 / $159.99
  • Vanguard Alta CA 233AP     – £109.99 / €139.00 / $149.99