Action camera manufacturer GoPro has officially named its camera drone and announced that it will be available in 2016. Footage from the GoPro Karma is demonstrated in a video on the GoPro website, which is also the same movie the company showed before when it first teased teased the drone.

GoPro isn’t giving away much information at the moment, but it is giving away a Karma drone to 100 people signed up to the newsletter at the time of the product launch. All we know for now is that the drone will be 'ultra portable' and will fold for storage and transportation.

GoPro has UHD 4K video capability in its Hero 4 Black camera, but it is difficult to tell at this point whether the company will equip the Karma with 4K video, or choose to make it more accessible with a lower price point. Perhaps it will offer both 4K and HD versions.

In the original teaser movie the company claimed no post-capture image stabilization had been used, and as the same footage is being shown again it is safe perhaps to assume that the Karma will have some form of on-board or in-camera stabilization system.

For more information visit the GoPro website.