The tech-elves over at have published a complete teardown of the new iPhone 5, barely hours after the handset first became available. Obviously, we're most interested in the camera, which according to Apple, will give improved image quality over its predecessor. Although a teardown doesn't reveal much about how the new device will actually perform, it's interesting to see everything reduced to its component parts.

Apple is making a lot out of the fact that it is using sapphire crystal in the iPhone 5's camera. According to Miroslav Djuric, 'Chief Information Architect' at iFixit, 'sapphire would be a sensible choice to use as the outermost camera element because it is remarkably hard — a 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale'.

You know the specs, but what does the iPhone 5 look like when reduced to its component parts? Click the link below to find out.

According to Djuric, 'we tried scratching the clear cover with a pair of steel tweezers and the lens remained scratch-free. While this doesn't confirm that the protective cover is made from sapphire crystal, it does mean that it is quite hard and scratch resistant.'