Thanks to William Chang an IT reporter from Hong Kong who managed to get his hands on an engineering sample Olympus C-2100UZ (the one with the 10x optically stabilised zoom lens). Whilst this sneak preview is only made up of shots of the camera (not a report as such) we do also have four sample images shot with the camera.

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Olympus C-2100UZ Sneak Camera Pictures

Olympus C-2100UZ, 10x optical stablised lens C-2100UZ size compared to the C-2020Z
Rear of camera looks very similar to the C-2020Z apart from the AEL button. Note, the viewfinder uses a tiny 0.556" LCD to produce the image (not strictly optical TTL). Main mode and power dial, interesting the RESET button, not sure if that's because this is an engineering model.
View of the top of the camera, large LCD with plenty of detail, here you can also see the zoom lever and shutter release which again seem identical to the C-2020Z. SmartMedia only here...
Plenty of connectivity, we've got a flash sync connector, serial & USB, power, MIC input (for video we assume) and AV output. Takes 4 x AA batteries or two of Olympus's new Lithium battery packs.

Olympus C-2100UZ Sneak Samples

Ok, not the best shots in the world but in the limited conditions they at least give a taste of what's to come... Remember, this was an engineering sample camera and as such production quality should be different. Phil says: Noticeable chromatic aberrations.

38mm, 1/250s, F2.8
+0.7 EV comp, ISO 100, 373 KB
190mm (5 x), 1/200s, F2.8
+0.7 EV comp, ISO 100, 390 KB
380mm (10 x), 1/200s, F3.5
+0.7 EV comp, ISO 100, 399 KB
380mm + 2.7x digital, 1/250s, F3.5
+0.7 EV comp, ISO 100, 333 KB

All Images (c)2000 William Chang