The long wait is now over... It seems like an eternity since I started this review, it was indeed before Christmas. At that time the camera I had for review revealed a fault and we didn't receive a replacement camera until the New Year. Since then the British weather and a host of other commitments have done all they can to delay this review. Anyway I've worked solidly to get it out, and here it is... Nikon's latest Coolpix prosumer digital camera, the 5000 under our spotlight and run through our tests. So just how well did it do?

Apolgies to all those people who have been waiting for (and expecting) this review since before Christmas. I've worked as quickly as I can to get this extensive review completed as quickly as possible. There may be a few 'rough edges' which I'll tidy up soon, there's also a section on the performance on the Nikon accessory lenses which is still outstanding.

Click here for our full in-depth Nikon Coolpix 5000 review
(production camera, firmware 1.6)