StatGear, a Brooklyn-based manufacturer of first aid and EMS products, is venturing into photography accessories with BOOMR, a unique camera strap featuring internal bungee cords for shock absorption and increased comfort. The design is inspired by bungee cord rifle slings, and the company is seeking funding for the product on Kickstarter.

According to its maker, BOOMR's bungee design is more comfortable than a standard camera strap or sling thanks to its shock-absorbing design, which lightens the weight load of the camera as it's worn around the neck or shoulder. The strap features a 1.5" polypropylene shoulder strap and a polypropylene cover over a pair of 1-inch wide bungees. The strap can be affixed to a camera using anodized iron carabiners and d-rings, and can be adjusted to lengths ranging from 44-inches to 58-inches. StatGear is seeking $25,000 USD in funding, and offering the camera strap to backers for $25 USD as a 'super early bird deal.' Anticipated retail price will be $34.99. Shipping to backers is estimated to start in February 2016.