The ePad Femme Tablet from Eurostar comes pre-loaded with everything a girl could need: yoga, cooking and shopping apps. (Photo:

A Dubai-based company has bad news for all tablet-owning women of the world: You’ve been using a man’s device this whole time!

Luckily, Eurostar has created what it calls a “world’s first women’s tablet.” The ePad Femme Tablet has an 8-inch display and light pink coating is ready to adapt to “a modern woman’s diverse lifestyle.”

Weighing in at a dainty 440 grams, the ePad Femme Tablet’s 16GB of flash storage comes pre-loaded with apps for yoga, fitness, cooking, health and entertainment.

The ePad Femme Tablet is running an old Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android’s mobile operating system. Interested customers (no boys allowed!) can purchase the tablet for $163.56.

Mockery aside, the marketing approach is a unique attempt at attracting tech-savvy women. Studies have shown that women consume more tech than men—buying more devices and expressing more interest in tablets and smartphones than their male counterparts.

Tech marketers have tried everything to lure women to buy their products—from creating practical field jackets for fashion-conscious lady photographers to designing jeggings with specialized pockets for smartphones.

Let's hear from you: Is this marketing approach alluring or insulting?